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Chappaqua Dentistry has serviced the local community with excellent dental care for years, but we’ve never launched a blog. That all changes now, since blogging is such a great way to connect with you, the public. We want to provide up-to-date, accessible info on all things relating to keeping your pearly whites in great shape as well as all options on modern dental care. Our hope is that you’ll find the dental health answers you’re looking for quickly. But first, you should get to know the team and the line of dental services that patients entrust us with.

Get to Know Chappaqua Dentistry

Dr. Steven A. Brisman has always had a particular draw towards art as well as science, and this inevitably drew him to dentistry. From his perspective, a delicate, artistic touch is vital to dentistry so that he can preserve the beauty of a patient’s smile as well as their oral health. His creativity and drive to be a leading expert have helped him carve an innovative path in modern dentistry. Today, Dr. Brisman stands out as a developer for Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale as well as On-The-Mark Laboratory, an on-site laboratory that helps dentists develop custom oral prosthetics. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and pets, two golden doodles.

Our Dental Services

Our dentists have trained extensively so that we can provide comprehensive dental services to potential patients. Whether you’re looking for dental surgery or a routine check-up, we’ve got you covered.

General Dentistry

The dental care that you’ll need in most cases is routine, general dentistry. That means popping in once every six months or so for cleaning and inspection. Not only does general dentistry help identify oral health problems early, but it’s also critical to preventing issues so that you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry emphasizes the value that a beautiful smile has to a person’s self-image, confidence, and comfort in their skin. Perhaps you had a chipped tooth and a previous dentist repaired it, but it’s still visible when you speak or smile. In this case, cosmetic services like a porcelain-colored dental veneer can cover the marks and give you the clear, clean look you used to have. Some cosmetic services are also functional, though, such as our Invisalign treatment that can straighten our your teeth without being visually intrusive like metal braces.

Restorative Dentistry

If you’ve suffered from an oral health problem or an injury, then restorative dentistry is likely what you need. It has a broad overlap with cosmetic dentistry, as both aim to restore your teeth and give you a smile that you’ll be happy to see in the mirror. The difference is that restorative dentistry is concerned with aesthetics as well as matters such as restoring function and alleviating pain. Some of our restorative services include:


Prosthodontics refers to the field of dental prosthetics. Severe tooth decay can lead to discomfort and mar the appearance of your teeth. When this happens, some potential solutions include installing fillings or removing the tooth altogether to place an implant. There are many options available, and the best way to find which is right for you is by scheduling an appointment with us.

Why Follow Our Blog?

We’re proud to consider ourselves among the best dental practices in the state, and our return patients agree with us. By following our blog, you can keep up on the latest new information about keeping your smile beautiful as well as trends in dentistry. If you find helpful information here but want to learn more, reach out to us and schedule a consultation or appointment.

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