Dental Crowns

Before we get into which situations would call for a dental crown or a dental bridge, let’s first tell you a little about what they are. Dental crowns, often called “caps,” are tooth-shaped fabrications (“caps”) placed over a damaged tooth. The damaged tooth must be stabilized before receiving the dental crown.

Crowns restore the natural feel of your teeth and transform your smile into stunning and healthy. That is an excellent example of how cosmetic dentistry in Westchester improves aesthetics but also restores function to teeth.

What sets us apart from many other Westchester cosmetic dentistry practices is our in-house dental lab called “On-the-Mark,” named after Dr. Brisman’s brother. While most cosmetic dentists in Westchester have to outsource their patients’ dental crowns, we make them on-site, which means less wait time.

Our lab also allows our dentist to oversee the work and ensure your dental crown is perfectly fabricated without needing revisions. In the rare case, a revision is necessary, we can do that here at Chappaqua Dentistry.

CEREC same-day crowns are hugely popular, and you may be a candidate for that type of dental crown. Most dental crowns are made of ceramic materials, but we also use stainless steel for children sometimes, gold, or porcelain fused with metal. Dr. Brisman and his dental team will explain the various types of crowns offered and which would be best for your situation.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns provide many benefits, including:

  • A natural bite that is functional and comfortable
  • They blend in with your natural teeth
  • They eliminate the pain from cracked teeth
  • They can last decades when well cared for

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth supported by your natural teeth. Before dental implants, dental bridges were the go-to solution for a missing tooth. Today, most dental bridges are one replacement tooth supported by two dental crowns over teeth on either side of the missing tooth. If you want to replace more than one tooth or don’t have strong supporting teeth on both sides, you may be a better candidate for a dental implant instead of a dental bridge.

Dental Bridges Benefits

Dental bridges have many benefits including:

  • They restore a healthy smile and help shape your face
  • You will be able to speak more clearly
  • You will be able to chew your food with less difficulty
  • The force of your bite will be distributed equally, which reduces stress on some teeth that are overworked
  • Bridges are less expensive than dental implants

Dental bridges last a long time

Dental crowns and bridges in Westchester typically require two visits to Chappaqua Dentistry. Our in-house dental lab speeds up the process, so there’s not as much wait time between visits as you’d experience in other practices.

Learn More About Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges in Westchester

You may still have questions about dental crowns and bridges. During your first visit, Dr. Brisman and his amazing dental team will perform a thorough evaluation of your dental state and gather a complete medical history. X-rays will be taken, and Dr. Brisman will review his findings with you.

Our top-notch front desk team at Chappaqua Dentistry will check your insurance benefits and explain our many payment options. You will not be pressured to have any dental procedure you’re not ready for, and we will do our best to ease your anxiety and make you comfortable while you’re here.

Call the office at (914) 238-8200 or complete our online contact form. One of our support staff will reach out to answer questions and explain more about dental crowns and dental bridges. With so many dental procedures available and with innovative technology always evolving, procedures that were painful and lengthy years ago are much simpler now.