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Dental Crowns In Chappaqua, Westchester NY

We all want that perfect Hollywood smile. The kind that makes your face just light up. Unfortunately, even with the best dental hygiene regimen, life can sometimes get in the way. If we love black coffee and red wine this can get in the way of a dazzling white smile. There are also times when, due to accident or injury our teeth can become damaged, chipped or broken. When this happens, it can be extremely distressing (not to mention painful). You can wonder whether you’ll ever be able to be proud of your smile ever again.

Fortunately, at Chappaqua Dentistry we employ some of the best dentists and the most advanced methods to bring our patients the smiles that they deserve, no matter what life throws at them. Dental crowns are one of the many methods we use to bring our patients smiles with that elusive wow factor. However, if you think that you might need crowns, this may lead to a lot of important questions. Will you be able to afford this treatment? Will it look natural or will it stand out like a sore thumb against your existing teeth? Will it feel unnatural in your mouth? Will it change the way you eat or speak?

We thought it might be useful to compile this complete guide to dental crowns to answer your questions and lay to rest your fears and anxieties…

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a restorative treatment that comes in the form of a tooth-shaped cap that fits over the top of an old or damaged tooth. Consider it a new lease of life for your tooth and an alternative to replacing it. They can be made of lots of different materials including gold, stainless steel, ceramic or a mix of both. They can even be made from resin similar to the kind used in white fillings.

We find that for a seamless look and a strong, hardy crown, porcelain is the best option although we can offer crowns made with other materials if that is your preference. The purpose of a crown is to restore broken, damaged or discolored teeth to their former beauty, and when you join us for a free consultation, one of our prosthodontists (dentists who specialize in replacement teeth) will discuss your needs to help you decide which type of crown is the perfect fit for you. This can depend on a variety of factors including your budget, your aesthetic preferences and the strength required for your new tooth.

Great time and effort is taken to ensure that your crown is perfectly matched to your existing teeth. However, if you need a crown as a result of damage caused by injury, your dentist may issue you with a prefabricated temporary crown until swelling of the gums and other dental trauma have stabilized before applying a permanent crown.

How Does It Work?

The process of implanting the crown may vary slightly depending on the condition of the tooth. First, your dentist will apply an anesthetic to numb the tooth the surrounding gum. When the tooth is numbed, they will use a dental drill and abrasive bur to remove the outer surface of the tooth to create enough room for the crown to be placed.

In some cases, where teeth have been chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged, there may not be enough of the tooth left to support the crown. In these cases, your dentist may first add a crown buildup to ensure a stable foundation for the crown’s placement. Alternatively, a metal post may be cemented into a prepared root canal. This is known as a post crown or post and core.

When the tooth is adequately prepared, the dentist will then make an impression of the tooth using putty, special dental impression paste or even a digital scanner. This impression is then sent to a dental laboratory to make the crown. Your dentist may also want to take pictures to ensure symmetry with your existing teeth.

After around 2-5 weeks the finished crown arrives back from the dental laboratory and an appointment is made for installation. The temporary crown will then be removed and the new crown will be adjusted to properly fit your tooth and ensure a natural bite. When this is achieved, your dentist will net use a special cement to securely and permanently fix the crown to the tooth.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Dental Crowns?

This is a long procedure and we understand that it may be daunting to some. However, dental crowns have a wide range of benefits. If you’re looking for a solution that matches the look, feel and function of your natural teeth as possible a dental crown is a great way to restore your smile.

Crowns are very durable and strong, and can last for many years with the right care. They are made specifically for you and to ensure a perfect match to the color and shape of your existing teeth. What’s more, they provide patients with;

  • A functional and natural bite to ensure that eating feels normal.
  • A seamless looks that is indistinguishable from a natural tooth.
  • Support to other natural teeth surrounding the broken or damaged tooth.
  • Relief from pain caused by hairline cracks that can irritate the nerve beneath the tooth.

When Would I Need A Dental Crown?

There are many reasons why a dental crown may be the best option for you. However, a member of our team will always take the time to fully discuss all of our options and will never tell you that you need a dental crown if it’s not the right choice for you. Broadly speaking, however, a crown can be a good idea if:

  • A weak, cracked or damaged tooth needs protection.
  • A tooth is worn and could lead to a misaligned bite.
  • A large filling has left a tooth largely diminished.
  • A dental bridge needs crowns to help hold it in place.
  • Your teeth are misshapen and this is causing problems to your bite.
  • Your teeth are discolored beyond whitening.

Why You Can Trust Chappaqua Dentistry With Your New Dental Crowns

We understand that getting new crowns fitted can be daunting for new patients. You need to know that the attending dentist has the skills and experience necessary to do a great job that restores your smile to its former glory. Fortunately, Dr. Steven A. Brisman has been practicing dentistry in Chappaqua for many years.

His expertise encompases a range of dental treatments from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry and even advanced prosthodontics including all manner of dental crowns. Using leading edge equipment and a full complement of hygienic staff, our dentists are able to provide our patients with the highest standard of care. Always.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation. We can’t wait to get to help improve your smile!