Dr. Adam SilevitchLiving in the tranquil heart of Hastings, Westchester County, Dr. Adam Silevitch is more than just your neighborhood pediatric dentist. He’s a community figure, constantly engrossed in enriching lives beyond the dental chair. When he’s not at the practice, he’s imparting knowledge at Columbia University or mentoring budding dentists keen on pediatric dentistry. His approachable demeanor often involves engaging with parents and children, addressing queries, and alleviating dental apprehensions with a reassuring smile.

A Blend of Psychology and Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Adam’s educational odyssey began at the prestigious University of Massachusetts-Amherst, progressing to the Boston University School of Dental Medicine for his dental degree. His insatiable quest for specialized knowledge in pediatric dentistry led him to Columbia University, where he emerged as a chief resident during his post-graduate training. His academic journey didn’t just hone his dental expertise but also cultivated his ability to educate and inspire others.

Being a vibrant educator, Dr. Adam Silevitch extends his mentorship beyond the university to his practice, where he often hosts young dentists keen on specializing in pediatric dentistry. They shadow him to glean practical insights and to observe the art of making dental care a pleasant experience for children. Parents often appreciate this educational spirit of Dr. Adam Silevitchas it showcases his dedication to fostering the next generation of pediatric dentists.

His approach to teaching mirrors his approach to pediatric dentistry—personal, accessible, and imbued with genuine care for individual growth and overall wellness. Through his educational and mentorship initiatives, Dr. Adam Silevitch aims to cultivate a nurturing environment both in and out of the dental office, ensuring the propagation of compassionate, child-centric dental care.

With a solid foundation in psychology, Dr. Adam’s pediatric dentistry extends beyond the dental chair into a realm where childhood psychology, breathing techniques, and nitrous sedation are blended to create a soothing dental ambiance. His boutique and concierge approach to dentistry is all about personalized care. Every question was answered, every fear addressed, and every child’s unique dental needs were gently and reassuringly met.

Professional Affiliations and Community Engagement

A distinguished member of the Membership Council of AAPD, past chair of NY County Dental Society, and a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) and ADA, Dr. Adam’s professional engagements are a testament to his dedication to pediatric dentistry. Beyond professional circles, his humanitarian side shines bright. His recent initiative, Nosara Sonríe in Nosara, Costa Rica, reflects his enduring commitment to global dental healthcare, bringing essential dental care to underserved communities.

Nosara Sonríe: A Testament to Compassionate Care

Dr. Silevitch’s compassion manifests in Nosara Sonríe, a dental mission in Nosara, Costa Rica. Collaborating with dental enthusiasts and philanthropists, this venture is Dr. Adam’s stride toward making essential dental care accessible to all. It’s about smiling faces, happy hearts, and a world where every child can flaunt a healthy smile.

Inviting You to a World of Gentle Pediatric Dentistry

At Chappaqua Dentistry, Dr. Adam Silevitch is not just a name but a promise of gentle, friendly, and exceptional pediatric dental care. His professional excellence and warm, friendly demeanor ensure every visit is a step toward a lifetime of dental wellness. We invite you to experience pediatric dentistry like never before by calling Dr. Adam Silevitch at (914) 238-8200. It’s not just about dental visits; it’s about nurturing a positive, lifelong relationship with dental care. Contact him today to schedule an appointment.