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Implant Supported Dentures In Chappaqua, Westchester NY

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Contrary to popular belief, dentures aren’t just for the elderly. Anyone who’s lost a significant number of teeth can benefit from implant supported dentures. New technological advancements have made dentures more secure than ever–and at Chappaqua Dentistry, we make the process as calm and comfortable as possible.

Relatively short recovery times allow you to get back to your routine with your attractive new teeth. Afterward, practice dental hygiene to preserve the rest of your teeth and keep the dentures clean and shining.

What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are dentures that fit onto a set of fixtures installed in your mouth. They’re not secured permanently to your mouth like permanent dentures, but they don’t require adhesive like traditional dentures. Instead, they fit on permanent fixtures in your mouth. They require a few appointments to install, but Chappaqua Dentistry talks to you about what to expect so you can set time ahead and budget accordingly.

Who Needs Implant Supported Dentures?

You might qualify for implant supported dentures if you’re experiencing the following conditions:

  • You’ve lost so many teeth that you need something more drastic than dental bridges.
  • As more teeth disappear, you suffer from frequent cavities, infections and tooth decay.
  • Your jaw has become weaker as the bone deteriorates.
  • Your doctor or dentist told you that frequent infections are increasing your risk of heart problems.
  • You have trouble eating, smiling and talking.
  • You’ve lost nearly all your teeth and need a full replacement.
  • You’re simply tired of traditional dentures that occasionally shift in your mouth.

These conditions don’t automatically make you a candidate, but set up an appointment with Chappaqua Dentistry so we can discuss your options.

What Are the Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant dentures give you a clean, healthy smile that you haven’t seen in years. Revive your teeth with implant supported dentures that are comfortable and easy to use.

Improved Quality of Life

When you lose teeth, other teeth shift and become crowded because they don’t have the existing tooth to support them. Your jaw bone starts to deteriorate, causing weakness and further tooth loss. Bacteria crowd between the gaps in your teeth and decay the teeth surrounding the space.

Over time, as you lose more teeth, you have trouble chewing and talking. You can’t eat your favorite foods and feel awkward in social situations. Your mouth feels uncomfortable and unhygienic, making it hard to function normally. Bacteria buildup can lead to bigger infections that increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Implant supported dentures replace the missing teeth, improving your quality of life. You’ll have support between the missing teeth that keeps the rest of your teeth from shifting. As you reduce the risk of infections and tooth decay, you’ll enjoy better health and won’t need frequent trips to the dentist.

Implant supported dentures allow you to chew and talk normally again. You’ll eat your favorite foods, join social situations and feel confident with your new teeth. While you’ll need to care for your dentures, they don’t decay and develop cavities like regular teeth. Eventually, as you make the dental implants part of your routine, you’ll forget that you have them at all.

Attractive Smile

Implant supported dentures are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. When you meet new people, they have no idea that you’re wearing dentures. In addition to the natural shape, we color the dentures to match the rest of your teeth. You may undergo teeth whitening so the dentures give you a sparkling smile.

With a mouth full of new teeth, you’ll feel confident when you talk and smile in public. While you once avoided taking pictures, you’ll smile in pictures like a magazine model. Since implant supported dentures are securely fitted to the fixtures, they won’t slide out while you’re talking or eating, causing an awkward situation.

Permanent but Removable

Some patients hesitate to install permanent dentures in their mouths. Implant supported dentures combine permanent fixtures with removable dentures so you can take them out as needed. During your appointment, the dentist fuses the implants directly to the bone. When you take off the dentures, you’ll see implants that look like small rods in your mouth. These implants are 100% permanent–no risk of the dentures sliding out of place while you’re trying to eat.

You’ll remove the dentures when you sleep, clean them or just want to take them out for a while. Afterward, they slide back into place with no adhesive. Save time and money, eliminate discomfort and secure your dentures to your mouth with implant supported dentures.

How Do We Install Implant Supported Dentures?

To start, we’ll schedule a consultation to evaluate your teeth with exams and X-rays. We might recommend a different treatment, like permanent dentures or dental bridges. If we decide to proceed with implant supported dentures, we’ll make molds of your teeth and the inside of your mouth. This allows us to create customized fixtures that fit securely in your mouth.

You might need bone grafts ahead of time so your jaw can support the implants. After bone grafts, you’ll take time to heal before we install the implants. Next, we’ll schedule another appointment so we can install the implants in your mouth. Healing can take several weeks, so follow the aftercare instructions. We fit the dentures onto the implants to ensure that they’re secure before you leave with your new fixtures.

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Whether you visit the dentist regularly or haven’t been to the dentist in years, Chappaqua Dentistry offers a relaxing, non-intimidating experience that treats each patient with the same level of care. We don’t judge you or your dental habits. Instead, we restore your teeth and provide advice that improves your overall health. Our professionals have combined decades of experience so they can treat virtually every dental condition.

If you don’t need dentures, other services include crowns, fillings, bridges, whitening, veneers and cracked tooth repair. We also have regular cleanings that prevent tooth decay in the first place. Chappaqua Dentistry accepts new and returning patients, so request an appointment to discuss your needs with our office.