The Pivotal Role of Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry extends beyond mere dental check-ups; it’s about laying the groundwork for enduring healthy oral habits. Timely dental care can pinpoint and tackle potential dental concerns like early tooth decay, misalignment, or gum issues before they escalate, promoting lasting oral health.

Routine dental visits educate children on the essence of oral hygiene, acquainting them with the correct brushing techniques, flossing, and overall dental care. This early familiarity with dental settings can dissolve dental anxieties, making future dental visits a breeze.

Here at Chappaqua Dentistry, we accentuate preventive care, guiding parents and children on optimal practices to uphold oral health. We aim to see every child blossom with a radiant, healthy smile and a cheerful disposition towards dental care.

Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry Services

At Chappaqua Dentistry, we provide an extensive array of pediatric dental services tailored to meet the unique dental needs of our young patients:


We offer nitrous oxide sedation for children who may feel uneasy or anxious about dental procedures. This safe and effective method helps relax the child, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience. Our proficient professionals closely monitor the child throughout the process, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Laser Treatment (Gemini II)

The cutting-edge Gemini II laser has revolutionized pediatric dental care, offering various benefits and applications.

Applications of Gemini II Laser:

  • Significant reduction in harmful bacteria levels.
  • Alleviation of discomfort from canker and cold sores.
  • Exposure of partially erupted wisdom teeth.
  • Management of gum tissue during various dental procedures.
  • Treatment of gum disease by removing inflamed gum tissues.

Advantages of Using Gemini II Laser:

  • Enhanced precision in dental procedures.
  • Accelerated healing times and reduced symptoms.
  • Minimized pain, bleeding, and swelling.
  • Effective control of bleeding during surgeries.
  • Significant reduction of bacteria in diseased gum tissues and cavities.

Our team is always available to discuss the best treatment options for your child, ensuring they receive the care they need most comfortably and effectively.

Why Choose Pediatric Care in Westchester?

Child-Focused Approach

Dr. Adam Silevitch believes in creating a friendly, engaging environment for young patients. Our clinic ambiance, from the waiting area to the treatment zone, is meticulously designed to ensure children feel at ease and look forward to their dental visits.

Expertise in Pediatric Care

Dr. Adam is not just a pediatric dentist; he’s a specialist with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He and his team are specifically trained in pediatric dentistry, ensuring your child receives care from professionals who understand their unique dental needs.

Holistic Techniques

Dr. Adam’s background in psychology allows him to blend holistic approaches with pediatric dentistry. He and his team ensure a relaxed and comfortable experience for children and parents during each visit by incorporating childhood psychology and breathing techniques.

Teaching & Mentorship

Dr. Adam’s dedication to pediatric dentistry extends beyond our clinic. He is actively involved in teaching at Columbia University and mentoring aspiring pediatric dentists, contributing to advancing pediatric dental care.

Personalized Treatment

Dr. Adam’s boutique concierge approach is all about individualized care. He loves engaging with parents and children, answering their questions and addressing their concerns, ensuring each child receives customized treatment tailored to their needs.

Community Engagement

Dr. Adam’s passion for helping people goes beyond the clinic. His involvement in community service, particularly the recent dental mission in Nosara, Costa Rica, showcases his commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others, both locally and globally.

Choose Chappaqua Dentistry for a pediatric dental care experience that prioritizes your child’s comfort, health, and well-being. Our friendly team can be reached by calling (914) 238-8200 or scheduling an appointment online. Your child’s journey towards a beautiful, healthy smile begins here!