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… and neither is their approach to your health and safety.

Here’s what sets Chappaqua Dentistry apart.

At Chappaqua Dentistry, providing exceptional dentistry in a warm, caring, and safe environment has always been our priority. For over 35 years (and 40 before that when you consider our predecessors), we have worked to create a culture of leadership in the field of dental medicine.

When the COVID-19 pandemic came to New York, we were perhaps one of the first dental offices to close and the last to reopen. Why? Because every team member at Chappaqua Dentistry was committed to making sure that our offices were healthy and safe for our patients.

An Unmatched and Unwavering Commitment to Your Health and Safety

We trained for months, not only following the latest federal, state, and local guidelines for infection control and sterilization but going the extra mile to research additional options. We didn’t want to reopen until we had the most up-to-date equipment and procedures in place to provide the safest environment for our patients and team members.

All of this means there have been some changes to our practice. Some of the changes will be obvious to you, while others are behind the scenes, working to keep you safe.

Here’s what to expect at your next visit:

The Pre-Appointment COVID-19 Questionnaire

You will be contacted approximately 48 hours prior to your next appointment via phone, text, or email and asked to fill out a short questionnaire. Your answers will be electronically and securely transferred back to our office.

Should you reply “yes” to any of the simple questions, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment for at least 14 days later. If you are unable to fill out the questionnaire prior to your appointment, we will have a copy for you to fill out when you arrive.

At Your Appointment

When you arrive at our practice, please stay in your car and call or text us to check-in. As soon as your treatment room and our team members are ready for you, you’ll receive a text or call letting you know you may proceed to the front door.

We will quickly confirm your answers to the COVID-19 questionnaire, screen your temperature, and ask you to put on a fresh mask and gloves before escorting you into the clean treatment room.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

You’ll immediately notice that all of our dentists and dental assistants are wearing N95 or KN95 facemasks, shields, isolation gowns, and appropriate protective eyewear. You might even see Dr. Brisman, who has gone above and beyond, wearing a PAPR, or 3M positive pressure suit.

Purification & Filtration

We’ve made some changes to our HVAC system. You’ll see HEPA 13 air purifiers running throughout our office, and we have a new protocol that involves giving you a simple antiseptic wash to rinse with before we begin your treatment. We have also implemented intraoral and extraoral high-speed evacuation systems with HEPA 13 filtration.

When your treatment is complete and you exit the room, you may hear a loud noise. We’re not only cleaning and sanitizing each room between patients as usual but have added a quick fogging process to minimize any airborne risks.

Digitized Processes

We have always utilized a local dental laboratory technician team at our sister location, Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale, to provide customized prosthodontic treatments. We have also been working for over three years to develop and migrate from analog to a digital dental laboratory workflow. We’re proud to announce we completed this process during our office closure, and are now 100% digital!

This step removes the need for physical dental impressions. What it means for you is no more uncomfortable goop in your mouth, faster and more accurate restorations, and virtual elimination of cross-contamination and infection control issues associated with dental impressions.

Front Desk

As you are escorted up to the front desk, you’ll notice our administrative team is now isolated with floor-to-ceiling glass. This is for both your safety and theirs, to minimize any cross-contamination.


We realize that some of our patients may see these new protocols as overkill. All we can say to that is that we have always and will always put safety first, as it is of paramount importance in providing quality dental care.

We appreciate your continued support and trust and look forward to seeing you back in our office soon.