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Professional Teeth Cleanings In Chappaqua, Westchester NY

Our Dental Cleanings Involve Tartar & Plaque Removal, Teeth Polishing, and Instruction To Care For Your Teeth At Home.
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At Chappaqua Dentistry, our dental cleanings involve tartar and plaque removal, teeth polishing, and instruction for the best way to care for your teeth at home. Keep reading for a why keeping your teeth clean is so important, then schedule an appointment to come visit your dentist for your checkup and professional dental cleaning!

Oral hygiene is just as important as exercise. One benefit is that it makes you look better, but that is not the primary benefit. Taking care of your oral health is a stepping stone to promoting a truly happy life—the alternative is living in constant pain and discomfort. Because of this, most dentists not only beg you to brush and floss your teeth every day, but they also recommend that you schedule regular professional dental cleanings. Professionally cleaning your teeth will boost your health and improve your life.

Why Are Dental Cleanings Important?

During the early ages of humanity, there was no need to clean your teeth. However, the human diet has evolved over time by introducing more grains and starchy foods. Centuries later, our evolved human diet has done wonders at keeping us alive and improving nutrition, but it has negatively impacted our oral health. Bacteria love starchy foods, too. Specifically, a bacteria known as streptococcus mutans feeds on the starches in your mouth that have been left behind from old meals. As the bacteria eats the starches, it creates a harmful acidic byproduct that will start to eat away at your teeth. Over time, this can lead to cavities and mouth sores that may be linked to more serious conditions affecting your intestinal tract

Also, picture this: you’ve just had a wonderful pancake breakfast, but a small piece of pancake got stuck between your molars. Bacteria start eating away at it. You brush your teeth that night, and you even remember to floss, which is great! However, you accidentally floss with improper technique, so you don’t dislodge the pancake that you have now pushed even further in between your teeth. This provides a playground for the bacteria in your mouth, and they’ll take full advantage of it. The bacteria will keep eating at the pancake while you sleep, and into the next day. Without knowing it, you are swallowing the byproducts of old bacteria every time you eat. If you have a compromised immune system, this could lead to health complications. Or at the very least, you end up with an expensive cavity needing to be repaired.

Alternatively, coming in to Chappaqua Dentistry for a dental cleaning will give us the chance to snag those pesky bits of food before they can cause significant damage. It will help you improve your oral hygiene health and ensure that oral health problems are less of a concern.

Finally, there is more than one type of harmful bacteria that can end up in your mouth. One type—porphyroromonas mutans—is particularly harmful. It aggressively eats away at your gums and at the delicate bone structures surrounding your teeth. This bacteria is often not caught without the help of a dentist, and if not treated, can cause substantial harm to your gums, teeth and jaw. Getting a dental cleaning from Chappaqua Dentistry will help prevent infection by this dangerous bacteria.

How Does Dental Cleaning Work?

As a natural result to your diet, tartar and plaque accumulate on and around your teeth. Without daily brushing and flossing, and without regular visits to your dentist, plaque and tartar builds up dangerously in certain parts of your mouth. The main areas are particularly between your teeth and in hard-to-reach places. This buildup allows dangerous bacteria to grow, gradually forming cavities in your teeth, increasing your risk of gum disease, and putting you at risk for other diseases.

Your professional dental cleaning avoids all the problems associated with plaque buildup by cutting off the buildup before it becomes dangerous. Our dentists and hygienists will use specialized dental tools to scrape off stubborn tartar while protecting your teeth. Additionally, they’ll be able to see and reach areas of your mouth that you may forget about and have difficulty reaching. After the stubborn areas of plaque buildup are dealt with, we will employ finer tools to clean up the details of your mouth. Finally, once the professional cleaning is done, we’ll apply fluoride gel to that strengthen your teeth and protect them from future plaque buildup.

What Are The Benefits of a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Some of the benefits include:

  • Eliminating stubborn tartar that can’t be brushed off with a standard toothbrush.
  • Clean off the finest details of plaque, leaving your mouth pristine.
  • Clean hard-to-reach areas of your mouth that may have accidentally built up plaque and tartar.
  • Identify and treat oral diseases like cavities, gingivitis and halitosis. If you come in for professional dental cleanings regularly, we can treat these problems before they become severe, painful and expensive.
  • Prevent future problems by strengthening your enamel.
  • Learn new techniques in brushing and flossing to prevent future problems.
  • Whitens and brightens your smile

How Do I Get Started?

Chappaqua Dentistry is accepting new patients! We are happy to talk with you if you are worried or have concerns about getting a professional dental cleaning. We care about your comfort just as much as we care about your health. That is why our team focuses on providing a relaxing, refreshing experience so that you and your family will feel safe. Our entire team is dedicated to the comfort and health of our patients.

Make an appointment today with Chappaqua Dentistry. You can contact us by phone or fill out an appointment request on our site. We will get back to you in a timely manner, and if you have oral health questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. We can’t wait to see you and your family at your next professional teeth cleaning appointment!