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Prosthodontics refers to the replacement and reconstruction of teeth that have been damaged as a consequence of traumatic injuries or congenital disorders.
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Nine different dental specialties are recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA), and prosthodontics is one of them. Dentists working in this field provide the most advanced type of restorative treatment and maintenance, as well as sequencing treatment. Prosthodontists also perform full-mouth reconstruction and an esthetically higher level of implantology. To become a prosthodontist, a dentist will need to attend between three and four additional years of additional schooling. If you need any prosthodontics services, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we can help! Our Westchester dental team has many years of experience and an excellent reputation with their patients to back it up.

What Is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics refers to the replacement and reconstruction of teeth that have been damaged as a consequence of traumatic injuries or congenital disorders. This includes the rehabilitation of patients that have lost tissue because of injury or illness.

Patients, usually with complex treatment needs, will be seen by one of our experts for diagnosis, advice, and treatment. We will then ensure you receive the correct management for your condition. Our prosthodontics department has a strong educational focus, and we will offer advice on the appropriate treatment solutions based on each patient’s unique case. Our treatment plans are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Patients will receive treatment that is based on multidisciplinary treatment requirements.

Our patients present us with different or complex clinical issues requiring many types of operative, fixed, and removable prostheses, including dentures, dental implants, bridges, crowns, and fillings. The aim is to achieve the restoration of function and appearance. There are a number of different reasons why teeth may be lost and the services of a Prosthodontist may be required.

Severe Tooth Decay

One of the main reasons why patients need to have their teeth restored is from advanced tooth decay. Tooth decay is damage caused when dental plaque builds up on the surface of the tooth. When plaque is allowed to build up, this can lead to a host of dental issues, including gum disease and dental caries (also known as cavities), which are holes in the teeth. You may also develop dental abscesses because of tooth decay. Dental abscesses are collections of pus in the gums or at the end of your teeth.

There are several signs and symptoms of tooth decay. It is important to note that tooth decay does not always cause pain. However, if you have dental caries, you may experience an unpleasant taste in your mouth and bad breath. You may also have black, brown, or gray spots that appear on your teeth. You may experience tooth sensitivity, which is when you feel pain or tenderness when drinking or eating something sweet, cold, or hot. You might feel occasional sharp pain without an apparent cause or continual toothache pain that keeps you awake.

There are steps that you can take in the early stages of tooth decay or gum disease to prevent the problem from getting worse. The most crucial being to schedule an appointment with Chappaqua Dentistry for a check-up and consultation. We will examine the condition of your teeth and provide you with recommendations to restore health to your smile.

What Sort Of Treatment May Be Required For Severe Tooth Decay?

There are a number of different solutions that could be suggested here. You may be advised to have a simple filling or there could be the need for a full tooth replacement. We will do all that we can to ensure we can save your tooth which. Rather than a full tooth replacement it may be determined that a root canal treatment could be the best option. This may be required to remove tooth decay or disease that has spread to the middle of the tooth where the nerves and blood are, i.e., the pulp. In some instances, it will be better to remove all or part of the tooth. This is recommended when the tooth is damaged so severe that it cannot be restored. In this case, a dental implant, or denture may be used to replace the teeth that have become so decayed that they cannot be restored.

Our Westchester Dental Team

Dr. Steven Brisman has received a high level of training and is qualified to take on any level of complicated prosthodontic cases. He wishes patients to know that they can come to his practice with confidence in his skills as clinicians. He provides relief to patients who are in pain, and promises that he can restore your smile. Our team will ensure that you are happy with the restorative option that you choose.

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