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Our dentists are deeply committed to the care and satisfaction of their patients. Having some of the best dentists Chappaqua has to offer, we provide personalized, professional care to give you the beautiful smile you deserve. From moment that you step into our office, you will find that our team is more than happy to greet you and make you feel comfortable. We love our patients, and we are excited to work with you! We can confidently promise you that once you’ve started coming to our practice for your dental needs, you won’t want that to ever change!

As our numerous five-star reviews attest, our dentists know how to diagnose their patients’ needs and pinpoint the best solution. Dr. Goldstein and his team will carefully listen to your concerns and then work with you to address your needs as quickly, comfortably and effectively as possible.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Chappaqua, have a look at our dental services and you will almost certainly find that we have the help you need. In our efforts to aid you as much as possible, we offer a variety of different services and dental procedures, including:

Comprehensive Dental Exams

With cutting edge technology and some of the best training and experience available, we know the best way to check your teeth and assess their health. We pride ourselves on our ability to correctly identify different oral conditions, and we believe that outstanding improvements always start with a correct diagnosis. Early detection of issues can save you a lot of unnecessary money and pain in the future.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Beyond the core healthy habits of flossing and brushing, routine teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent decay from affecting your smile. With the careful hand of our hygienists and dentists, we can clean your teeth with minimal discomfort, and leave you feeling healthy and refreshed. Depending on your age and the condition of your mouth, the regularity of these routine checkups may vary, though as a base rule, we recommend having your teeth cleaned twice a year.

Teeth Whitening

Perhaps you don’t like the color of your teeth, or you simply want to update the brightness of your smile. We can help! We believe that having whiter teeth is one of the best and simplest ways to boost your self image and improve your satisfaction with the way you look. We aspire to be one of the best dental offices for teeth whitening in Chappaqua, and we have a couple different methods for you to choose from in order to get the ideal results.

If you have sensitive teeth or infected gums, or any other special oral condition, you may want to discuss teeth whitening with your dentist before proceeding. The results of this procedure generally last up to a year, and are best preserved with proper oral hygiene.

Composite Fillings

In order to repair cavities or a fracture on a tooth, we use composite fillings. Unlike the old fashioned fillings that had to be made of a metal alloy, our composite fillings consist of a composition that perfectly mimics the appearance of the natural tooth. Fillings fortify the structure of the tooth and provide necessary protection from future decay.


Where simple fillings may not be enough for a tooth repair, inlays and onlays restore teeth to their original functionality. To create these we’ll make an impression of the teeth and then create a custom inlay or onlay that can replace the broken or missing segments. While inlays and onlays typically have the best durability and solve the toughest problems, they also require the impression of the tooth to be sent to our Scarsdale lab for technicians to create. Ask your Chappaqua dentist to determine which option is best for you.

Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth or if it has been damaged beyond the point of repair, dental implants are a permanent solution. First, your dentist will insert a titanium post that acts as the root of the tooth, anchoring in the bone of the jaw. Then we will insert a custom replacement tooth that looks and feels like your natural tooth. We pride ourselves on performing some of the best dental implants in Chappaqua.

Dental Veneers

As Chappaqua cosmetic dentists, we use veneers to put the finishing touches on a smile that has uneven, discolored, or gapped teeth. Veneers can hide and perfect even the most stained or chipped teeth. With our remarkable technology and proper care, the veneers that we install can last for long time without needing replacement.

Dental Crowns

If a tooth is too damaged for some of these other solutions to work, we use crowns to restore functionality. Our crowns fit perfectly on the tooth so that you can talk, eat, and drink as you normally would without any worry!

Complete and Partial Dentures

Whether you’re just missing a few of your teeth, or even if you’re missing all of them, our dentures can restore your chewing and speaking abilities. They also look completely natural, and make for a comfortable solution to our patients.

Full Mouth Reconstructions

Thanks to our skill with restorative dentistry, even in most severe and tragic cases, we can help patients bring their mouths back to full service. Whether you have suffered oral trauma, injury or neglect, we can help! As with our other procedures, it is a priority to not only restore chewing and speaking abilities, but also maximize the aesthetic of your smile.

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