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Temporary dentures are recommended so that you can ease your mouth into wearing permanent dentures. They could also be recommended if you have had problems in the past with sensitive gums or teeth.
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Temporary Dentures In Chappaqua, Westchester NY

If you are looking for temporary dentures, our dentists here at Chappaqua Dentistry provide top-quality care and service to provide you with the solution you need. Temporary dentures are also referred to as false teeth. They are also called immediate dentures, as they can be fitted directly after damaged teeth have been extracted. They are an excellent option and will allow you to carry on eating and speaking normally while you await your new permanent dentures to be created, customized, and fitted.

Temporary dentures are recommended so that you can ease your mouth into wearing permanent dentures. They could also be recommended if you have had problems in the past with sensitive gums or teeth. Temporary dentures will also protect extraction sites and enable your mouth to heal.

What You Need To Know About Temporary Dentures

Below, we are going to give you an overview of everything that you should know about dentures:

  • A denture is an artificial replacement for one tooth or several teeth
  • This is a vital solution that can help to aid your quality of life, health, and confidence
  • Several different materials are used when constructing dentures, including ceramics, porcelain, metal, and acrylic resin
  • The manufacturing procedure and materials used will depend on the sort of denture that is being created for you
  • There are two main types of dentures, both of which are designed to be removable; full and partial dentures
  • When all teeth are missing, you can get complete dentures
  • When you still have some natural teeth present, partial dentures are designed to be used
  • Based on suction to the gums, well-fitting dentures should remain in place comfortably through normal activities
  • Implant retained dentures will help overcome some of the problems that are linked with traditional complete dentures
  • It can take four to five dental appointments (between one and two months) for the process to be completed
  • On the whole, your lifestyle and diet can remain the same as it would if you had natural teeth, the difference being in your oral hygiene habits and routines.
  • You are typically advised to take your dentures out overnight
  • Regular cleaning will be required for your dentures
  • You may need to have adjustments made from time to time to ensure they remain comfortable and fit well because the shape of your mouth can change over time
  • Regular dental checkups will still be needed
  • An average set of dentures is going to last between five and 10 years

There are many different reasons why people find themselves in a position where they require dentures. For example, some individuals lose teeth because of gum disease or decay. For others, they may need this service due to an injury or trauma that has resulted in permanent damage to teeth. Something else that can play a part is aging. Tooth enamel tends to wear away as we age, making teeth vulnerable to decay, leading to tooth loss. Dentures can restore functions so patients can eat, speak, and enjoy smiling again.

As dentures are custom made for every patient, it enables you to feel a sense of normality to the way your mouth feels and looks. This allows you to get your confidence back, and it can have a massive impact on your life. In fact, a lot of people are shocked by how much of a difference their dentures make. Not only do they make it appear like you have healthy teeth, but they can help to maintain the structure of your lips and cheeks.

What Are The Different Types Of Dentures That Are Available?

There are two main types of dentures available. When all of your teeth are missing, complete dentures are an option. When you have some of your natural teeth present, partial dentures are suitable. In most scenarios, both partial and complete dentures are created so that they can be removed. There are options for fixed partial dentures, which are also known as a dental bridge and crown, or fixed complete dentures, which are also referred to as implant-retained dentures. Dentures can also be fitted to either the lower or upper jaw, or both if required.

Impressions and Mold

If you do decide to go forward with temporary dentures, the creation process will be exactly the same as when you will have permanent dentures fitted in the future. Molds of your bite and inside of your mouth are taken before teeth are removed. This ensures that you can wear your dentures straight after the procedure. Once your gums have healed completely, your new denture will be molded to fit the new structures in your mouth. Once you begin wearing your denture, do not worry if it feels a little bit uncomfortable at first. It may take some time to get used to it. If it turns into discomfort or soreness, make an appointment so we can make adjustments. Dentures should never cause pain or soreness and should be entirely comfortable while you’re using them.

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If you would like to find out more about temporary dentures and the service that we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are always happy to answer any of the questions that you may have.