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Cost of Dental Implants In Chappaqua, Westchester NY

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If you have lost one or more teeth or you have some that are beyond repair, dental implant surgery is the best option to have them replaced. It is a far superior solution to dentures or bridges, but what are the cost implications?

How Much Will Your Dental Implants Cost?

It is impossible to put an accurate average figure on this as there are many variables affecting the complexity and length of the treatment. These factors include:

  • The number of teeth needing replacement
  • The condition of your jawbone; should bone grafts be required, this adds costs. However, if a subperiosteal implant is suitable, where the implant sits on the jawbone rather than being drilled into it, this may reduce costs.
  • The condition of existing teeth. If there is some remaining tooth, this may require careful removal.
  • Gum condition. If the gum condition is poor, other work may be required before proceeding with dental implants.

As you can see, the cost will be very individual, so you should talk to your dentist to determine the level of treatment you may require. At Chappaqua Dentistry, our team is ready to speak with you and discuss your needs.

What is Included in the Cost of Dental Implants?

You should be aware that dental implant surgery is a multi-stage process that will take place over a period of months, with time to heal in between each stage. These stages are:

  • Initial consultation.
  • Removal of remaining tooth if required.
  • Bone grafts if the jawbone has insufficient mass or is too soft.
  • Placing the implant. This involves setting a metal post into the bone.
  • Placing an abutment. Once the bone is healed from the previous stage, an abutment is placed to hold the new tooth.
  • Fitting the new teeth. This involves taking a cast of your mouth and then custom-making your teeth to match your natural ones.

You may also need pain management or antibiotics at various stages of the procedure. This will be covered in the costs of the procedure, along with any x-rays or scans that you may need.

Dental Implants are an Investment

The procedures outlined above may seem lengthy and potentially expensive. However, it would be best to look at them as a long-term investment in your oral health. Unlike bridges and dentures, there is no need for regular replacement or maintenance—your dental implants will only require the same maintenance as your natural teeth, such as regular cleaning and visits to your hygienist.

Additionally, each replacement of bridges and dentures causes more damage to your gums and jawbone, increasing the cost every time. Bridges and dentures also come with added risk for future decay, possibly leading to more root canals, tooth extractions and other further, costly treatments.

So, while it may initially seem that dental implants are expensive, they may save you further costs as well as more pain and discomfort further down the road. At Chappaqua Dentistry, we have decades of experience in this procedure, so call us today to avoid these issues and invest in your long-term oral health.

Place Value on Your Smile!

Dental implants are undoubtedly the best and most cost-effective method of tooth replacement. But perhaps you’ve decided that it’s just fine to live with that missing tooth or settle for inferior dentures. However, have you thought about the other benefits to your life of having that perfect smile?

Say you have a job interview to attend. Employers may be more inclined to take on employees who smile more readily, especially in a customer-facing role. Interviewers also take note of candidates who maintain a good appearance.

Additionally, your self-confidence is boosted by a ready smile, which affects every part of your life. You don’t want to feel self-conscious when out with friends or at a family gathering. And you certainly don’t want to be the only one not smiling in that family wedding photo.

Dental Implant Requirements

If you’ve decided to have dental implants, a few individual considerations must be made. If you’ve had basic dental procedures such as root canals or tooth extractions in the past, there should be no problem. However, if you suffer from a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease, you should consult your dentist first. Additionally, if you’re a heavy smoker, this may cause some problems.

Before agreeing to dental implant surgery, you should also be clear that you intend to maintain a good oral hygiene regime and attend regular dental appointments to ensure their maintenance. In addition, your dentist will let you know if your gum health is up to the procedure and if you have sufficient jawbone mass and strength to support the implants.

Chappaqua Dentistry for Quality Dental Implants

If you’re looking for dental implants in the Westchester, NY area and you insist on excellent quality and service, Chappaqua Dentistry is the place to come to. Our team focuses on professionalism, comfort, care, and compassion and has decades of experience to back this up.

Dr. Brisman brings expertise in prosthodontic procedures. Before joining Chappaqua Dentistry, he founded Advanced Dentistry of Scarsdale with the unique concept of bringing all dental services under the roof of one multi-disciplinary practice.

As well as CareCredit, Chappaqua Dentistry accepts cash, check and major credit cards, making it easier to pay for out-of-pocket expenses for you and your family. We can also submit the appropriate forms to your insurer on your behalf, helping you to receive any possible reimbursement to which you might be entitled.

So, if you’ve suffered tooth loss or your teeth are too severely damaged to replace, contact our team at Chappaqua Dentistry today for some of the best dental implant expertise in the Westchester, NY area.