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Why Should I See A Prosthodontist?

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Tooth Loss

Not only does losing permanent teeth change the way you eat, and how you speak, it can mean bone loss, a change in your face shape, and nutrition problems. Teeth must be replaced with dental implants or dentures, depending on what your own situation is. If not, you may not be able to eat crunchy foods like vegetables and stay healthy. It will also impact the look of your smile, which can be detrimental to your self-confidence.

What Is A Prosthodontist?

This is a type of dentist that specializes in creating and placing dental prosthetics that are used to replace missing or damaged teeth. As one of only nine specialties certified by the American Dental Association, Prosthodontics includes the diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and maintenance of conditions requiring dental restorations, including how the replacements function, look, and affect patient health.

Prosthodontists are also able to help with bone loss or other maxillofacial issues related to missing teeth. Many dentists out there may only have a brief knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and treatments like implants, but a Prosthodontist will go through years of extra, specialized training to ensure they are fully aware of the anatomy, and the aspects of designing artificial teeth – which could actually be looked at as an artform! The proper placement of implants is also essential, and a Prosthodontist can take care of everything.

Why Visit A Westchester Prosthodontist?

Teeth not only give you a beautiful smile, but they also help you to eat and speak without trouble. When you are missing teeth, even just a few, you may find that this impacts your quality of life considerably. You may find yourself speaking differently than you did before, and also unable to eat the foods that you once enjoyed. A Prosthodontist can help you whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth. Implants, dentures, and other techniques can be used to give you a full, attractive set of teeth once again – this is what we can do for you at our Chappaqua Dentistry in Westchester.

Implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss, and they are inserted using titanium posts into the gums that then fuse with the bone. This acts as a replacement for your tooth’s root system. Caps that look like natural teeth are then attached to posts and will replace as many teeth as you need. Dentures can also be used to replace any missing teeth you may have, but they are removable.

Changing Your Bite

If your teeth do not align properly, then you may want to change your bite. This is where a Prosthodontist can help – the relationship between your upper and lower teeth when you chew, close your jaw or bite is important. It can impact your gums, neck, jaw, and head. If your bite is not right, you may experience erosion, tooth loss, and sensitivity. You may also experience muscle pain, jaw pain, and even headaches, as everything is connected. By fixing this issue, you will protect yourself from further pain and other health issues later on down the line.

A Prosthodontist can be your saving grace if you need to have your bite corrected. In essence, they will utilize different non-surgical methods that correct your bite and help to keep the rest of your mouth as healthy as possible.

Improving The Appearance Of Existing Teeth

A Prosthodontist doesn’t just replace teeth that are missing – they also improve the appearance and condition of the teeth that are present. They can perform tooth repairs, teeth whitening, and even veneers and invisalign. Cosmetic dentistry is increasingly popular because of the healthy, bright smile it creates. Each procedure makes it possible to improve and strengthen existing teeth, and this helps them to look straighter, healthier, and of course, whiter. Not only can this improve the health of the mouth, but of the look, which is a huge boost to quality of life and confidence.

Here at Chappaqua Dentistry in Westchester, we offer an extensive range of services. Our services include general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry. We even provide a full-mouth reconstruction service, so whatever dentistry treatment you require, to get your smile healthy and looking at its best, we can help.

Should You Schedule A Consultation With A Prosthodontist?

Chappaqua Dentistry has a team of dentists in Westchester, many of which are fully knowledgeable and certified to help you with any issue you have. If you schedule a consultation with us, we can help you figure out what sort of treatment you need and who you should see. A tailored treatment plan will then be created alongside you, to ensure you are comfortable. We are entirely transparent and ensure that our patients are fully aware of any complications, pricing, and maintenance.

If you think you need a Westchester prosthodontist, then please get in touch with our friendly team at Chappaqua Dentistry today and see what we can do for you. Your initial consultation is entirely complementary, and we will be sure to answer all your questions.

Our team can help you whether you need a standard dental check up, or whether you’re looking for more serious treatment that can help you with tooth loss or periodontal disease. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your oral health, as it is closely linked to the health of the rest of your body.